Toulouse is a 2 yr old GORGEOUS Chocolate Lynx bicolor with deep blue eyes. He is the most affectionate ragdoll I have ever had. I'm very sad to re-home him as I never ever planned too. But he needs to be in a home where he is the center of attention someone's companion. He hugs my neck (literally hugs my neck) and gives me kisses and love bites on my nose. He hates when I wear my glasses he pushes them up on my head because he looks into my eyes for real. I love this boy so much and will be picky where he goes. I'm looking for someone that is retired or works from home that wants a companion and has lots of time to give him the attention he so deserves. He wants lots of attention and love VERY in tune to his human.He really is the best cat ever. He would need to be the only cat or with a kitten after he is settled in, which is why I can't keep him. 

D.O.B 2/27/2020
Gender - Male
Color - Chocolate bi color lynx
Price - $1,500