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Introducing A Kitten

Please read before receiving cat/kitten

                        Introducing your new kitten or cat

  I cannot stress the importance of slow introduction of your new kitty to the home and other animals. Nine times out of ten if you think you can just put your kitten or cat down in your living room and all will be fine it probably won’t be. The kitten or cat has just left the only home and people they have known and are now with new people, pets etc. Smell is a big thing for cats and they need to be able to rub their scent glands on things to know it is their home. If you have other pets they will smell them. I highly recommend getting pheromones Feliway plug in or calming collar to help reduce stress. The kitten needs to have a base camp that will be their home until they feel safe. In the Basecamp place food, water, litterbox, toys, blanket, bed. Spend lots of time in there with them getting to know them and so they will learn to trust you. After your kitten isn’t creeping around ears back, tail down ,creeping. (May take days or weeks) a sign they feel comfortable ears up,tail up, running around confident. Then you can let them explore your home at small intervals. If you have another cat then other steps must be taken before cat or kitten comes out.


I have included a article and some good videos that explains the process. Please watch them as it will make the process so much easier for you and them.


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