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Every kitten MUST meet the following criteria before going home. Ragdolls mature slowly and some take longer than others to meet all requirements. We want all kittens to have the best start possible with their new families. At times kittens may be required to stay longer than 12wks. Please be patient and understanding as something's are out of my control. It's up to the kitty to be ready. I know its disappointing to not bring your baby home when expected. But we must do what is best for the baby.

Deposit will not be refunded if baby has to stay a little longer for it's well being.


1. Kittens must be 2lbs before leaving or getting altered.


2. Kittens must be eating hard food 


3. Using the litterbox


4. Vaccines must be given.


5. I prefer all kittens be altered before leaving. Occasionally that may not be possible.

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