Waiting List



Because of the high demand of kittens, I have created a secure waitlist program. 

If you would like to be added to the waitlist please fill out a kitten application form and read and sign purchasing a kitten page which helps explain procedures to be expected. Then place $100 deposit thru venmo that goes toward purchase price. Kitten prices may vary from 2,000$ to 2,600$.


Please note deposit is NONREFUNDABLE. No acceptions except if you are requesting a certain color,sex,pattern and I don't have a kitten within 365 days then I will return your deposit. Most breeders require whole deposit, I'm trying to make it easier on people but I'm holding your place in line so please be serious about a kitten. 

I'm hoping to have a litter a month this coming yr; but that all depends on heat cycles of the girls. 


  List goes in order of deposits. When it is your turn to pick usually between 4 and 6 wks depending on development of kittens, colors etc.( traditional takes longer.) I will contact you with the choices available in the litter. You simply pick or pass. If you pick a kitten you pay remaining $200 deposit then NO HOLDS. If you pass you will stay at the top of the list till next litter is offered .( If someone passes above you then they would still be before you.) 

  After all of the families pick their kitten from secure wait list, I offer remaining kittens "if any" on my website. Thank you for picking Casablanca Ragdolls for your furbaby. 

1.      Ambra N.  Seal mink mitted male kitten

2.     Nicole M. male kitten               

 3.     Matthew. Seal bicolor female

4.     Daniela . Blue , cream mink , sepia or lynx

5.     Danny E. Blue bicolor male 

6. Libby.   Blue/lilac/cream female   mink traditional