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photo_2024-02-18_21-41-58.jpg pictures of our RAgdolls

  About Us  

Welcome to Casablanca Ragdolls


Discover the Charm of Our Affectionate, Floppy, Puppy-like Kittens


Located in Lampasas County, Texas, just an hour from Austin and 2.5 hours from Dallas, Casablanca Ragdolls is your premier destination for affectionate, floppy Ragdoll kittens. Our TICA-registered cattery, established in 2018, is dedicated to creating lifelong connections between our kittens and loving families.


Our Mission 

Our mission is simple: to raise healthy, happy, and sociable Ragdoll kittens that will become cherished family members. We take pride in our ethical breeding practices, ensuring our cats receive comprehensive care from birth to adoption.


Ethical Breeding Practices We provide:


● Health Testing: Detailed screenings for our breeding adults to ensure optimal health. Adults are DNA tested by Wisdom Panel and are negative for 50 diseases affecting cats. Our cats are also negative for FIV/Felv.


● Veterinary Care: Regular check-ups and medical attention to maintain the well-being of our cats.


● Enrichment Activities: Engaging environments that promote play, exploration, and development.


● Safe Outdoor Spaces: Catios and enclosed porches that allow our cats to enjoy the outdoors safely.


● Affection and Socialization: Daily interactions to nurture confident and friendly personalities.


Our queens have an average of one litter per year and retire by age four or sooner, ensuring they stay healthy and happy.


The Perfect Companion

When you adopt from Casablanca Ragdolls, you’re not just bringing home a pet; you’re welcoming a new family member. Our kittens are raised with love and care, ensuring they are well-socialized and prepared for their new homes. Each kitten is treated as a cherished part of our family, ready to become a beloved companion in yours.


Why Choose Casablanca Ragdolls?

● Health and Happiness: Our kittens are raised with the utmost care to ensure they are healthy and content.


● Ethical Practices: We prioritize the well-being of our cats through responsible breeding and extensive care.


● Loving Companions: Our kittens are known for their gentle, affectionate, floppy, and puppy-like personalities.


● Lifetime Support: We offer ongoing support to ensure your new family member thrives throughout their life.


Explore and Adopt

Experience the unparalleled joy of bringing home a Ragdoll kitten from Casablanca Ragdolls. Explore our website to learn more about our kittens, our cattery, and our commitment to excellence. Let us help you find the perfect companion to bring love and happiness into your home.


Contact us today to start your journey with a Casablanca Ragdoll kitten!

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